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Students participating in competitive sports must meet all requirements specified by the South Carolina High School League. Following is a summary of these eligibility rules.

*A contestant must furnish the principal or the Athletic Director with a certified, original copy of his/her birth certificate.
*A contestant must be under 19 years of age on July 1, 2008.
*A contestant must not participate under an assumed name.
*A contestant must be a bona fide student carrying the equivalent of at least 3 units for which no previous credit has been received. To participate in interscholastic activities, students in grades nine through twelve must achieve an overall passing average.

In addition:
*To be eligible in the first semester a student must pass a minimum of five Carnegie units, ap-plicable toward a high school diploma during the previous year.
*To be eligible during the second semester, a student must pass the equivalent of five 1/2 units during the first semester
*A contestant must not have received a high school diploma.
*A contestant must be academically eligible as mandated by state law and the S.C. High School League.
*A contestant will be ineligible at the end of the fourth school year from the time that he or she
first entered the ninth grade.
*A contestant must have attended school at least 60 days in the semester immediately preced-ing the semester of participation.
*A contestant must not violate his or her amateur status.
*A contestant must not have transferred as a result of recruiting or undue influence.
*A contestant must have a physical and parents’ permission on file in the Athletic Director’s office before practicing with a team. This information must be on the form supplied by the S.C. High School League. These forms are available from the Athletic Director.
*A student must reside in the State of South Carolina and is expected to attend the high school which serves the attendance area in which his/her parents, or legally appointed guardian, re-side.

These rules apply to boys and girls as well as Varsity, JV, B, middle school and junior high teams. If there is any question concerning your eligibility for interscholastic activities, please consult the athletic director or write:
Jerome Singleton, Commissioner
SC High School League 121 Westpark Blvd. Columbia, SC 29210

The school requires the following:
*Students must pay a nonrefundable tryout fee ($25) and a nonrefundable annual participation fee ($25) to affiliate with the athletic program. If the team does not have tryouts, then the stu-dent must pay a $50 athletic fee. The tryout fee is due before conditioning/tryouts. The partici-pation fee is due upon making the team.
*Students must have the following GPR for the previous semester in order to participate in athlet-ics:
*Freshmen must have a minimum GPR of 1.50 at the end of the 1st semester Sophomores must have a minimum GPR of 1.75 Juniors and Seniors must have a minimum GPR of 2.0


Athletes are high profile students and should take no actions that may cause embarrassment or dishonor to themselves, their teammates, coaches, parents or Ridge View High School. Any matter that arises in or out of school which does so will be dealt with in a manner which will be outlined to all athletes and their parents by the athletic department. The athletic handbook can be found on the school website under Athletics. An athlete will not be allowed to drop a sport to begin practice with another sport. Only coaches can excuse an athlete from practice.

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